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No one are buying my gigs

I’m having trouble with my gig. I don’t know how to get more clicks on my gig. I tried buyers request but every time I reply to someone’s request they don’t respond even though I’m one of the first to reply.

Please help :frowning:


Have you tried marketing your gig anywhere else on the internet? Perhaps where your customers (that need your gig service) are located? :wink:


I could try to that. Thank you :grinning:


You mention editing videos since you were 12 and your profile photo looks like you were 12 when it was taken. Suggest you drop the reference to age 12 and make a more professional profile image of either a photo or logo. Check out other gigs to get some ideas but do not copy them.


Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Please don’t never give up try to send 10 buyer requests regularly.hope is a best way to get more order.

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I get the impression of someone young from the video. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. But it could be a little more reassuring of professionalism. In particular, the music is not going to appeal to a wide range of buyers and is too loud.

Buyers want to know they are going to be dealing with a very professional adult. I get the impression of a young teen who might not know how to do a professional editing job.


I want to show my face and tell my buyers what I’m about but I look a bit young for my age and buyers may assume that I’m like 12. But I could try. Thanks for the advise :smiley:

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Thank you for the encouragement :blush:


There are so many obvious problems with your gig which makes me wonder how much research have you done so far.

Gig description
Your gig description is literally 2 sentences. When you check your competitors then do you feel that you’ve made an effort to sell your gig? Grammar mistakes won’t help you either.


Professional editing software
Filmora is a pretty decent low cost editing software and I’ve used it myself, but every true professional knows it’s not one of the best out there. It’s targeted towards an average consumer who wishes to edit their home videos. You can simply say that you’re using Filmora and that’s it.

In your portfolio you’re showing a stock photo of a random studio. It’s not your studio so why would you use it in your portfolio? I’m not saying you can’t but why not use that space to showcase your actual work?

I’m not trying to bash your gig, it’s just that you’re asking our help yet you haven’t made much effort yourself :confused:

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Thank you for being honest :slight_smile:

Filmora is not professional at all, and it sure is not one of the best editing apps on the market… If you want to say you are using industry standard, professional software, then start working with it. Premiere, Final Cut, Avid, Resolve. Not Filmora lol.