No one buy my gigs


give me a chance plzzz

check out my gigs and if you want anything from me i’ll never make you disappoint


hi iznu

you can promote your gigs for new buyer, out of fiverr. its working.

if you are interesting check my gigs, i can promote your gigs on facebook ot twitter


@iznu123456 - The people on the forum are only around 1% (Maybe less) of the people who surf Fiverr.

Basically. Most of the traffic who look at your gig are not on this forum. This forum is basically made of of long time buyers/sellers.

I always say this when people post this stuff. You’re market is not on these forums. Most people who buy don’t even know about these forums.

You need to promote your gig outside Fiverr.

Got Facebook, Twitter, family, friends or E-Mail? Send them all your gig. Promote!


Reply to @roboken:

Hi there!!

Can you promote my Gigs??

Waiting for your positive reply.

Thank you



Reply to @kaushaljtalati:

hi kaus

yes i can. but maybe you must chack my profile

thank you and see you again