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No one buying my gig because im new

Hello, i start 1 month ago and i just got 1 order i am providing cheaper service than others, but no one is buying from me because they have 50+ reviews and i have only 1 what can i do about this


Hey - Son Goku.

Wanna hear a Tip?


That´s not cool.


i tought it will be easy for buyer should i delete it

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“No one buying my gig because I’m new”

I am sorry but that new part has nothing to do with getting or not getting sales.

You do not have proper description, proper images, you are not utilizing full potential of the Fiverr site and there are many rooms for improvement.

And you are violating TOS.

I have no idea what Discord is so how is sharing that helpful?

Yes, you should delete it since it is against rules.


i will delete this. Im saying everything i will give in description and what i will do on imaages what can i do more

Don’t loss hope. Try to send 10 buyer request everyday with separate script.don’t copy paste same script


I was new 8 months ago and people bought my gigs, I had no reviews and now around 20.
You are wrong.
And also, as it has been said above, it is forbidden to add buyers out of fiverr, you might get perma banned for this, you should start to read fiverr policies and make some searches on google.
You don’t even have profile picture and your gig sounds confusing, you should work on this first.

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wdym my gig sounds confusing what can i do to improve it

how can i send buyer requests

Get a better attractive thumbnail.
Undertand how gig SEO and tag words are working, because in your title you talk about crafting farm but your title doesn’t have the word “minecraft” in it, same for tag words, watch tutorials on youtube to understand which one you’ll have to use, there are strategies about it.
When you change gig title it doesn’t apply in URL link so you have have to delete and recreate gig.
Change your description in removing “I like playing games and i want to earn money while doing this.”, it just doesn’t sound professional at all.
Get a decent profile picture.
Learn how fiverr works

About gig presentation, you could ask a graphist on fiverr to do something epic to attract people, the first impression is the thing that counts the most.

Now you have some work to apply to your profile instead of inventing excuses for not getting orders.

Buyer request come several time in a day. Try to active on fiverr for the buyer request.

It doesn’t matter. Please continue complete 10 buyer request and regular active on fiverr. If your gig is not seo friendly then write an awesome description and title on your fiverr gig. You can also find lower competition keyword.

Try gig marketing you can get

Hi! I would suggest taking a look at this post for some info on getting orders: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Also, being a new sellers doesn’t necessarily have to be the reason that you’re not getting any orders. There’s plenty of new sellers on Fiverr who are getting lots of orders!

I hope this helps! Good luck!

I think the thread starter gig disappeared. I went to take a look and they were gone.

Stop giving tips like going to buyer request, he doesn’t have a decent profile and has to work on this FIRST before doing anything…

Don’t loose hope. The one with 50 reviews also faced the same situation as you are facing now. Keep patience. Do the following thing, it will boost your profile.

  1. Send 10 buyers request daily.
  2. Use proper tags and keywords for your gig.
  3. Keep online maximum time.