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No one buys from you because your gigs may not be worth buying

To all who are asking why no on is buying your gigs, it’s entirely possible it’s because there is no hint of any talent showing. Or your gig description is a mess. Or your English grammar is bad.

It’s important to look at your gigs as if you were a buyer looking for what you are trying to sell, and looking at other gigs that ARE selling.

What do the selling gigs have that yours does not?

Spend a lot of time thinking about this and studying it.

Spend HOURS and hours looking at other top selling gigs and thinking about WHY they are selling.


It’s not just the image. It’s the total gig, everything, think about everything about it. Does it all seem like something a lot of people would like and want?

If you spend over a month without any sales you know for a fact that something about your gig is making people avoid it.

Image is terrible
description is terrible, for several reasons
talent is lacking and it shows
your profile is repelling people for some reason
your English is bad
your gig packages don’t make sense in some way
your pricing is wrong

These are just a few of many possible things that are turning people off about your gig.


That won’t get you very far.

Lots of people talk about captivating images and correct tags and concise titles.

But all of them are wrong.


Good point. I get the feeling sellers think it’s all about the title, tags and number of impressions. No! It’s about your gig and why it is repelling buyers.


Most people look at successful gigs only to copy their tags and titles, as if that’s the secret to their success.

You can polish a turd, sure. But will it sell?


There is a lot more to this than some new sellers realize.

You can not simply put up a terrible image, or a terrible design, and have a description where you say you are always online, or have unlimited revisions, and think that is all it takes to start getting orders.

You have to figure out a strategy, a reason, for why someone would actually buy your gig. Most of the newer sellers who don’t get sales haven’t done this.

There are thousands of other sellers selling what you are selling.
There are even some with REAL TALENT. Some with REAL COLLEGE DEGREES. :scream:

That is what you are competing with.


I believe you are the most intelligent and wise seller on Fiverr because your advice really means something cheers


Very true, I appreciate your effort for the awareness of how to be succeed. There are many “Do and Don’t Do” actions which every person must know specially the newbies and fellows who claims about OP’s title. It would be only possible if they can spend a little time on themselves.


almost 85% of newbies, 65% of L1, 35% of L2 has same mentality.

A good seller always tries to wear the buyers shoe. It makes you more responsible and develop a comfort level with your buyer. In results you can win a long term repeated sale from same buyers.


Remember, under no circumstances copy them, or you will risk your Fiverr account.


Look at for example logo gigs that have dozens of sales each week and all 5 star reviews.

Then look at gigs that have 0 sales even though they have been here for months.

What differences do you see?

(Assume for the sake of this experiment it’s not number of reviews, or seller level, or their rank. Just look at the gigs themselves.)


Even if someone copied, he cannot produce the same level of quality. So it cannot be work for long run too. Fiverr is a place of creative peoples, not the copy that follows. But it is allowed to be get inspired. I believe, watching the gigs of TRS can motivates to creative individuals.


If you make logos try to understand and appreciate the big differences between great ones and terrible ones.

I’ve seen new sellers who make logos become Top Rated Sellers after one year with few reviews.

If you can figure out why this would happen you have a very big clue about what YOU can do too to be successful. Look at the logos they make and really see why their logos are great.

Compare their logos with your logos. Develop an eye for a great logo and what makes it great.

If you can always make great logos, or make your OWN logo, without copying anything or anyone, and make it great you have a big start to success.


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