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No one can work this out?


Hey guys,
i want to share some Experience with this request.

Till some weeks i look for a simple wordpress programmer that can solve my issue and build a Order Form with instagram API ( i gave them many examples and videos where i show 100% what i want )

In the beginnung everybody say YES YES i can do it 100% sir no problem trust me.

Then i order and they do NOTHING they TRY but the cant do it and they know it. Then after the deadline ends they finish the order by saying more time needed thats why we took the order in the delivery status.

So annoying. I lost so much time because its hard to find the right programmer here on Fiverr. Other GIGS like Logo Design or any other gigs i ordered before were NICE and GOOD.

I loose my mind guys :smiley:

have a nice day


It sounds like you need to do more research before selecting a seller. It’s not hard to find a great seller if you do your research. If you just hire someone without any preparation and seller research, then yes, you could end up with a seller that just wants your money.


From what you wrote, sounds like you are posting on Buyer Requests, and that’s what’s causing the problem.
If that’s the case . . .

I suggest opening the category from fiverr’s main page, setting the filters you want, browse the gigs.
Check reviews by other buyers (how many reviews does the seller have, when was the last one posted, how many are 5 star positive reviews vs negative reviews).

Whenever I buy a gig for work that is important to me, I check out everything on the seller’s profile in order to get a broad impression of the seller.
Because as a seller here myself, I have some gigs with zero or two reviews, and others with 30 or 50. I always hope that it will occur to someone who is interested in one of my new gigs (which have zero or 2 reviews) to look at the big picture (reviews from all my 12 gigs + videos of me speaking in some of the gigs + profile description, etc.). I mean, instead of slamming down the laptop when they see that the gig has no reviews, taking 2 minutes to get an impression of me and all my gigs.

@davidmedia1995 let us know how it goes. :slight_smile: May.


Hey mae,
Thanks for this replay.

Yes i am posting a buyer request. It feels like if I post this request every seller on fiverr can do this job.

At the end I buy and they try things out that are not helpful. Like they try to find a plug-in that can solve my problem or they take source code from other site without knowing that there are relations in the code itself that points to other sites etc.

I lost 25 days now with this. 3 Seller from the buyer request. 0 jobs done.

But thanks for this fiverr support. They refund me always. Thanks the point if they don’t do that I would lost much money till now
For nothing.

I will try your

Thank you :slight_smile:
Best regards