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No one has approached for my gig?

Dear Fiverrs,

I have created 3 gigs and all are active but no one reached to my Gig. What should I do to get attention of the buyers? I am trying very hard kindly help me.


I think it might be easier for us to help you if tell us what you’ve been trying so far :wink:

Thanks. I want to sell my services but last 6 months I have not get a single query for my services. So, I want to know that what should I do to improve the reaches of my gig? Is there any mistake in my gig?

You can’t really just sit around waiting for people to buy your gig. You can a) market your gig on social media or b) send offers to the buyers on buyers requests.


Suggest you change your profile image to either a photo or a logo. Also am not sure about prices in your category but check out the competition and perhaps reduce your prices until you move up the levels.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for suggestion.I will start marketing of my services. Should I start PPC search campaign?

I mean, only you know what’s right for your service! I’m also a writer, and was lucky enough to get all my first few orders through BR, so I’ve never actively had to venture out of Fiverr. I’m sure that I’m the exception rather than the rule though.