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No one is ordering my gig?


Professionally edit anything you have written up to 4,000 words


Well, you do only have an 86% rating. You’ve deleted your other gigs so I can’t see how or why you’ve got such a low rating, which makes it look worse, since it looks (whether true or not) like you’re hiding something. You also state in the gig description that you have “hundreds of professional editors” which… well, let’s just say that’s something unexpected on a fiverr gig! :slight_smile:

If you’ve got the low rating due to an error, or due to some issues with a buyer, message CS to ask for their help.

Keep in mind though, you’ve only been on a month. Sales don’t come thick and fast that early unless you’re making an effort to promote yourself OFF of fiverr. Make sure you’re getting the word out to the rest of the internet that you’re here!