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No one is ordering

Im still new to fiverr but it has been over 1 month since i posted my first gig and have had 1 request that fell through. If anyone has got any tips please let me know!


Keep sending buyer requests and active online. Be patience. Better days are coming. Best wishes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello there!

It may be helpful to post more than one gig, if you haven’t already. I realize just starting out you may only have one thing you specialize in/ feel comfortable making a profit off of, but there is always a way to think outside of the box and expand those skills! Feel free to also post your gig(s) here for constructive feedback from a Buyer’s perspective!

Best regards, Taz


Keep sending buyer request and stay online alltime


It is practically impossible to stay online all the time, that is a dangerous advice.

I agree with @earthenfervor !


Send regular buyer requests and stay active on Fiverr. Hopefully you will get the job

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I have noticed it is relatively new sellers who peddle this “stay active all the time” it is erroneous. Please stop passing on wrong or harmful information. It is practically impossible to stay active all the time, I mean you have a life of course.


Please check out this link, It will help you to get orders easier: How to get orders for beginners

Keep in mind, don’t forget to be PATIENT and POSITIVE, while you’re trying on your Gig improvement. (it needs a hard work as well as your patient).

I wish you all the best on Fiverr and keep going :v:t2:


These are my 2 main gigs:

How do you create buyer requests?

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Copied the same one twice whoops…

this is my second

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these are my gigs

Keep sending personalized buyer request. Stay online more and more. And try to learn more skill in this time. Keep patience, You will be succeed. :slight_smile:

What is a buyer request and how do i send?

After greeting, I just go to the first paragraph and introduce my background experience briefly (in 2 lines), then I address his/her needs and try to solve them ( in my words) For example, I’ll translate your document from English to Persian, as you wish all will be done manually.

Then In the last paragraph(conclusion) I say: " Let me know if my profile looks interesting, and we can set up a time to talk."

For more information, check this link out: Sixteen Paisa : How to Write a Buyer Request on Fiverr

Keep sending buyer request and stay fiverr alltime ,best of luck.

Keep sending buyer request and stay online

Firstly active 12 hours
Second every day 10 buyer request send
Tard share your gig on social media, web2.0 and forum posting site

U need to active more then 12 hour every day. and send buyer request. Also u can share your gig on social media. Best of luck brother.

all the recourses regarding tips and tricks are already here in the tips category…
I would highly recommend you to visit that…

Regarding not receiving any order… I would tell you to improve your gig images give them a professional look…
Best of luck …