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No one is responding from fiver

I am facing a trouble with my gig. My gig was active when i last checked. I edited the tags and added some FAQ’s so that my gig looks professional. But after that, when i checked, my gig us not appearing in search result and showing NEED FARTHER REVIEWS!

I reached to fiverr via creating a ticket but no one is responding. I knocked them on Twitter the said someone will be assigned.
I created the ticket long time ago. Recently i created a new ticket because no one was responding.

What should i do now?? How can i reach to fiverr CC to solve my problem?

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How long ago? Aka 3 days long ago or a month long ago?

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one and a half day mam.

I’ve had another ticket cut means it’s been a while since I’ve had it. Isn’t that so?

As far as I know, fiverr responds very quickly

I am also aware of that. But its been one and a half day and they are not responding. I reached them through twitter. they say they will appoint someone. But no one is responding. I have cut another ticket. Lets see…

That’s not a “long time ago”. That is still acceptable timeline. During pandemic it was taking 10 days to get a response.

Why on earth would you create another ticket? You do realise that there is also a time difference between you and support agents ? And creating a second ticket with the same problem will only slow down a response on your inquiry.


Like i said i need to reach them and solve this problem ASAP.

I know that for you it’s ASAP but you are not the only one in that situation.

I also had at some point wait for manual approval for my gig from CS and it took 3 days.

I know it might seem like one day and half is a long time but it is not.


How long ago is “a long time ago” to you?

EDITED: I see you only created the initial ticket a day and a half ago? That is not long in Fiverr time. As another poster said, it can take up to 10 days to respond to tickets, depending on how many they are getting and how many support agents are available.

Whenever you edit your Gig, it will be pulled from the search for a short time. Since now you have a message in your Gigs saying they need “further review”, it may be that Fiverr staff want to look closer at your Gigs for some reason.

This should say, “I messaged them or I tweeted to them on Twitter.” You don’t “knock” someone unless you are intending to take out their front teeth.

This is a fast way to get ignored by Fiverr. They do not like when sellers or buyers create multiple tickets asking the same thing just because they do not reply in the time frame you think they should. Since the pandemic, it is taking longer to respond to tickets. Keep opening up new tickets and you can expect them to block you on Twitter and your messages be marked as spam.

All you can do is WAIT until they get back to you about your account. It is out of your hands at this point and only they have the answers to your problem.



Usefull. Thanks aot mam

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I understand now. Thanks for the explanation.

The further review incident 3 days ago. I waited for their reviwe and make it active from their side. When they didnt do that, i created ticket

That’s your fault.

Instead of waiting ~3 days to get a response, you will now wait much longer because of multiple tickets, and the same subject.

Before creating a ticket, it shows an average response time from CS.

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