NO one replying on fiverr fourm


i have created a gigs on fiverr to sell my services, but i did not get any good impression, views, click so i wrote a new topic on fiverr fourm related to this but no one replied please any one help me out.
My profile:


Read other topics and learn why :wink:



Impressions, clicks, and views don’t magically appear. You need to work hard to earn them… Just sitting and waiting won’t help either. You need to actively seek out information that might help you.

Both the seller help center and the forum have tons of valuable information that any seller should read through, in order to improve their chances of success.

Read… read… read… (or you could even watch videos :wink: ) and then put whatever you learned into action… work on improving your gigs and making them as attractive and UNIQUE as possible.


Perfect!!! I love this


We saw your topic, but we also noticed that you haven’t done your homework so I guess nobody felt the need to repeat the content that is already covered in this forum.


You love what??? :confused:


I think she might have been referring to my comment on this thread :thinking: Cuz I got a :arrow_backward: reply as well as a :heart: like from her when I posted that message :blush:



You must be right. Her response was so vague that I found it puzzling! Some days I am easily puzzled, though. :smiley: