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No one respond to my offers

Hello, I’m a new seller (for one month), The problem is that nobody responds me when I send an offer to a buyer.
I want to know what’s wrong with my services, I try to write an attractive offer with low price but still nobody wants it.
Any advice or tips please.
Thank you in advance


it’s complected to give you the perfect information on this matter…explain more about your offer and keep balance in the gig price.


Could you potentially give us an example of how you’d respond to a BR? Maybe we could help you then?


9/10 sellers disappear after this question. Let’s see where this lands :smiley:


Ok, here is an example (request about a research paper):


I will be glad to help you doing this work.
As a research student , I have a large experience in preparing papers in many topics (sciences, economy), So I can provide you an excellent research with all your specific requirements.

When you choose our service you choose entire satisfaction and professional work.

Please contact me for any further information.

“Please can you tell me what I should modify in this offer?”

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I am the 1/10 that remains :wink:


First I’d like to note that helping with research papers is kind of a touchy subject, so be careful about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you switch from “I” to “our service” near the end?

There are many grammatical issues in this offer, so I don’t know how I’d feel about entrusting you with any project that has to do with language or writing. Honestly, I think that grammar is the biggest thing that’s putting potential buyers off, especially if you’re doing language or writing-related work


You mean the 1/10? 20 characters

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Thank you so much for your help. I will pay attention for such mistakes in the future.

I’d remove the space before the comma in “As a research student , I”. Like somaginer1996 says you change to saying “our” in “When you choose our service you”. I’d probably reword or remove that part.

I’d also check your gig that the offer is for (the “I will be the assistant of your research and writing work” one?) and see if it has any spelling/grammar issues that could be fixed.

Also, maybe the offer could give more details on what you will do for the amount in your offer, eg. it could say how many words of research the offer is for (or maybe that’s in a separate field). It could be more like “I will x…” (as detailed as possible) so the buyer knows what he will get (including how many words of research or maybe how many hours of research he will get) for the amount in the offer.

Also, probability also may come into it. eg. it may depend on how many other offers have been sent to the same request (all other thing being equal). eg. if 9 other people have sent an offer to that request, you may have about a 1 in 10 chance of being selected (all other things being equal). To get more chance you could send more offers.


Thank you so much uk1000 for those precious tips, I will check my gig and verify the spelling/grammar.
Maybe in this offer the grammar is fundamental, but in many others (virtual assistant, writing or translating in Arabic “my native language” I am facing the same problem…

For the virtual assistant and translation gigs I’d make sure you specify exactly what they will get for the offer amount (eg. number of hours of work for the virtual assistant gig or up to x words of translation for the translation gig). If the request doesn’t specify the number of words in the document maybe your offer could state a particular number of words and also say what your offer would be for other word counts (or to contact you for other word counts).

Also, for the translation gig, maybe have 3 packages - eg. each package could be for a different word count.

Also, maybe check the pricing is competitive to start off with (eg. number of words translated for $x). Make the offer stand out from the others (eg. if your offer and all the other offers are $5 yours won’t stand out on price). Ensure the price for the offers aren’t any more than ordering the gig normally.

Also send enough offers to take into account the fact that many offers to the same request can mean low probability of getting selected for that request, though without sending so many offers that you wouldn’t be able to do the work within the delivery time if the offers were accepted.

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What work? Be specific. I should be able to tell from your first sentence what you’re offering.

What is large experience? As a buyer I would like to see an example or proof of some sort. Years and large don’t say much.

What were the requirements and how are you planning to address those?

This is given, you should explain what you will do differently compared to your competition. What value you bring?

End your request with a relevant question. Something that would show you understood the request, but you need further information to continue discussing their project. Start a conversation.

I’d say price depends on your skills. I’m pretty sure my prices are way higher when I bid on requests and several of my buyers have told me this, but they also say that based on my offer they could tell that I actually know what I’m talking about.

  • Buyers who only care about the price shouldn’t be your target audience anyway
  • Buyers who are more flexible might check out gigs with higher prices, BUT if you don’t have the skills to back it up then of course you won’t get that job

You may be right. Though when I said “Ensure the price for the offers aren’t any more than ordering the gig normally” I meant if your gig is priced at 400 words for $5, it’s probably not a good idea for the offer price (in a buyer request) for translating 400 words to be any more than $5, as they could order your gig normally and get the same thing for a better price.


Got it :slight_smile:
That makes sense. I thought you meant compared to others.

same case here :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::no_mouth::neutral_face::expressionless::expressionless:

Same answer then, scroll up :wink:

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Scrolling up or down can’t help much I need 1 good buyer who give me a good review. That’s most Important.

I´d make separate gigs for the languages and only offer English into Arabic and French into Arabic, not the other options. Buyers may trust that more, seeing that your native language is Arabic, and if you don´t get orders on your many-fold language gig anyway, you could try it out just as well.

Definitely decide on either “I” or “we”.

Oh, one more thing I just noticed - your username is spelt Sarah but you signed the offer with Sara, better pay attention to have that the same, it may confuse people up to passing up on your offer.

And welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your time miiila, I’ll take into account all what you said :blush: