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No option for bad reviews due to freelancer failure

I order quiet a lot on fiverr, many freelancers they just cancel your order, never reply, lazy, arrogant or execute project in such a horrific way(mostly because they don’t read specks), that negative review is a must. However when the order is cancelled or they missed totally my requirements, there is no way to write a review, as to write review you have to accept order and pay, also there is no way to make internal note for myself to avoid this person in the future.

And because of it when you look on freelancers reviews you can see only praises, you don’t see how many times particular freelancer cancel order or didn’t deliver on time.

Any thoughts on this? As this is extremely frustrating for me



Cancelling (through the dispute button) and late deliveries affect a seller’s stats. If either is continually >10% of their orders they’ll lose their Fiverr levels (keep dropping levels each month). So the level (and number of reviews) should give an idea if they continually cancel/give late deliveries. If they get very few orders, even 1 late delivery/cancellation might cause a level drop.

If they totally miss requirements but the order isn’t cancelled the buyer’s review/rating is likely to show that (if they don’t meet requirements the buyer can ask for revisions). It might also risk a warning.


I think the current system is fair, I appreciate you want to leave the bad review because of the negative experience you had but the person has probably wasted many hours of their time on a project that they will not be paid for. Also their metrics will be worsened by the cancellation and this will affect their likelihood of receiving more orders. I think on top of the time lost and stats decrease a bad review would be a little much.

Also as for not being able to make a note of which sellers you would like to avoid. You can simply block the seller (I believe from the mobile app) so that you don’t see their gigs anymore and avoid them.