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No option to activate 2nd milestone

My buyer approved 1st milestone on 9 March. Now she wants to activate the 2nd milestone but she is not seeing any option for this!!


They might need to accept the first milestone on their end first.


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they already approved the first milestone!

It seems the Milestone feature was just updated today, so you might have been caught in a bug. Fiverr Customer Support:

(The screenshot is from your Buyer, correct? Maybe you need to do something on your end.)

Hi @jsrrony, got the same issue. Did you manage to sort it out?

no, my client and me contact with CS individually but they provide no solution. very much disappointed with their milestone feature.

@jsrrony, thank you.

I contacted Fiverr support and was told that the client must have closed the entire order, and now he cannot come back to the 2nd milestone. Ux from the client’s side must be really confusing.