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No option to decline an offer makes freelancing feel like a job [REDIRECTED]


I became a freelancer so I will have more control on my work hours, the projects I choose and no one to tell me what to do or not do or how to do it, but the lack of having the ability to decline an offer is something that is not just bothersome but also unfair.

Sometimes buyers just order the wrong gig, give improper instructions or are unresponsive for more than 50% of the time and as sellers we are left to suffer the consequences.

The worst part is that if we use the current method to cancel an order the system punishes us by lowering our search ranking and more.

I had previously suffered due to a cancellation and that time it wasn’t the buyers fault neither mine, it was just unfortunate. Fire in building resulting in 2 days of no electricity so no work and missing the deadline. Which I was happy to cancel and refund the buyer.

But when the buyer is just non responsive or orders same gig multiple times, for which fiverr doesn’t increase the deadline, then it seems unfair to punish me by lowering my search engine ranking.

A buyer yesterday ordered 145 minutes of video transcription, I only do 30 minutes a day, then ordered 24 hour express deliver without any prior communication and then just plain refused to communicate as I could clearly see he was and is online. I had sent him a request to extend the time and then since he has been unresponsive for over 12 hours and only 12 hours are left, I am forced to cancel the order.

When I was using the resolve an issue to cancel the order I got a warning that my search ranking will drop and other things which felt like being punished for something I didn’t do.

Does anyone else feel the same way?
Do you guys think there should be a decline option to sellers and shouldn’t the countdown stop if the seller has raised any disputes?

Petition mega thread for "PAUSE" or "REJECT" button for Sellers for Order Requirements

You have two options to get the sort of clients/orders you want - raise your prices, or extend your delivery time. I have a delivery time of 29 days, which gives me the peace of mind I need, no stress, no pressure.


Exactly. We need to start a petition .


You also have a reputation higher than me and tons of review :slight_smile:
I know we have to hustle in the start and that’s what I am willing to do but the task should at least be possible. I wish the seller contacted though, his videos are something that I already watch and like and so it could have been a good long term relationship.

I have added a line in description to get buyers to contact me first if the content is longer than 30 minutes, if this doesn’t helps down the line I will then try increasing the delivery time.


We can start petitions in forum? Didn’t knew that.

Maybe if a TRS starts it we may get more responses and higher likelihood of fiverr taking notice.

BTW how are you not a TRS? Over 1500 reviews and all 5 stars.


Just started one. :wink:


Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Here’s the link to the thread Petition mega thread for “PAUSE” or “REJECT” button for Sellers for Order Requirements


Take the word “basically” from your Title and I’ll be 100% with you…


Exactly, I realised how much of a target I was painting on my back by simply putting prices the way they were. And in that case having speedy delivery or low fees opens you up for situations such as this.


I understand that and I follow the same principle on my website and when I get clients through word of mouth but on fiverr, I feel first you got to make a name for yourself and then you can hope to get high paying clients.


Done! Now go to the petition thread and show your support please :slight_smile: