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No option to link existing Project / Gig to Business Tools Orders

I am looking to incorporate existing projects and/or gigs into the Business Tools area so that my team can view the order and make comments as required to the sellers designs. The user interface should offer a “Add to Business Tools” or similar so my other team members can view the order.

It could be a good idea, but there could be conflicts eg. what if one team member wants one thing and another team wants/would prefer it in a different way to the first team member? Having 1 person specify what is required, maybe after discussing it with their team, could mean less possibly conflicting requirements. edit: or maybe there’s some other way of doing your idea without the possibility of conflicting requirements.

*************** [Other Marketplace] implements a method of submitting a comment and “releasing” the comment to the designer. This maybe a chance for a team to collaborate on your platform and then only release to the designer the comments that could affect change in the order. I understand what you’re saying, I find it annoying to have to download several Mb of orders to then jump to another platform to share it with my team and then jump back and copy paste comments… food for thought. Keep it up though. This platform is growing… as does my stock investment in the company.

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