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No or Few Buyer Requests


I am not able to view buyer requests more than 6 and sometimes it displays noting. Is there anyone to view my profile and guide if there is some problem with my gigs or any other issue.
I will be very thankful.


Create 7 gigs in different categories and share on social media use 10 offer.


Please use the search function on the top of the page. There are MANY different threads about this same question.


but i am unable to view request than how can i use 10 offers :fearful:


Take a look at this post: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.)

As Logan pointed out use the search bar to find more relevant answers.


thank you so much @odal456


put your gig on social media for good ranking


join Facebook fiverr group ans shear your gig link on it


thanks a lot @saima49 i will surely follow your advice :slightly_smiling_face:


The reason for the few buyer requests shown is because of your Fiverr level and Fiverr only allowing a certain number of offers per request from those with that level before the request disappears from view.

For your profile, maybe change some of the description (eg. the sentence starting with “Is your digital transformation…” and “I have an experience writing…”). Changing the first part of the profile description might help the blog/article writing gig.


@uk1000 thanks a lot for your time, consideration and suggestion.:slightly_smiling_face:


thank you