No OR Less orders after seller level evaluation on 15 January,2018


Hi guys,

I’m user of fiverr and I’ve done many projects and gained level 1 seller and maintained by badge on this 15 jan, 2018. But after the evaluation the order process became slow. I’ve not get any order since 15 jan,2018. Before that I was continuously getting orders on daily bases. Is any of you facing problem in getting orders?

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Yes! “Level 1” is the badge where a seller struggles for a sale. Almost to all, becoming a “Level 1” seller is not better than to stay on “New Seller” badge. Majority of the sellers struggle to get sales when you promotes to Level 1. But this isn’t a permanent state. You condition will be improved soon. Stay relaxed and tensed free.

Good Luck


January is considered to be a quiet period on here - I’m sure things will start to pick up soon.

I’ve had a drop in sales recently and I never get used to it; I always think it’s going to be the end of my gig and then after a few days, orders start coming in again and I breathe a huge sigh of relief! :slight_smile:


same experience here. My gig is doing well and suddenly all went bad after 15 jan. I remained my level, however no order, no message . It’s weird as I have never got this situation before. I’m sure this evaluation affected in some ways to our account.


My sales have also dropped significantly. But I am getting lots of inquiries so my guess is the orders will start trickling in from next month. I will just have to wait and see.


Same thing for me,
I used to had permannent orders but things has changed recently!


I’m currently having the same exact problem. Haven’t gotten a single order since I was demoted from Level 2 due to on-time delivery.

If I can’t even get a SINGLE order to rectify that percentage, how am I ever going to level up again?