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No or order! no order! No order! Looking forward answer


After the last update, I can’t get a single order but I am a level 2 seller. still, now I can’t see any improve & can’t find my gig on the search result.

it’s hurt me very much I am totally depressed :frowning: : expressionless:



@offlinehelpers Do you know when it will be fixed


Did you read the article I linked to? :slight_smile:


Yes, I did. Thank you very much.

Do you know when it will be fixed? ( :grin: J/K )


Glad somebody did! :slight_smile:

Let me get my piece of string so we can measure it.


Thank you. Nice tips!

(hee hee hee :innocent: - can’t help myself. Killing time and waiting for Jousting Tourney to start)


For lazy eyes:

No set time frame, these are ongoing tests.