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No Order Above 3 days :(


Friends What Happen? Have Any Problem In my account. Please Help


Says on your profile you’ve only had a few orders and have been here less than a month. This stuff happens on Fiverr, especially when you’re new.


yes :slight_smile:


Reply to @sara1984: how can i grow my orders ?


Reply to @thariart: Well, first what the above person was trying to say is that sometimes it takes several weeks to a few months to really get sales going, it doesn’t always happen right away. It is normal many times like that when you are new.

But what you can do is try to make your gigs better. Go look at all the top sellers of logo design on Fiverr, look at their portfolios and videos. YOur profile says that you have many years of experience, but you only had 2 logo samples, and one extra that was from a gig you did here. So you worked for that many years in graphich design and have no other logos to show?

Also, your photoshop gig only has one photo and it’s very distracting. You need to show several different photos with samples of your work. As that collage picture is hard to tell what it is you are actually doing to each photo.

So really study other top seller gigs and then try to make your gigs better as that can also help get more orders.


Honesty is one of the keys to success.

You should be using your own work for your logo samples.


Reply to @zeus777:



Ok. I Will Add in My all Samples. Thank You…