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No order after 2


My account is 1 month old but still did not getting order after 2 I remain online 24 hrs and also sharing my gigs on social media but still not getting any responce from buyers I need help please


Hi Serena.

You should send offers to buyer requests every day. Write a little personalised message to the buyer, which will make your offer pop and you will get your first order within days. :slight_smile:

Browse around the forum to see how to create good responses to the buyer requests.


even I didn’t receive any buyer request in that portion it is only filled with sellers request behaving as buyers


Do you mean sellers are behaving as buyers when they are actually looking for a service or when they just use buyer requests to promote their services?


yes absolutly sellers are behaving as buyers


If that’s the case, then you should send offers to those requests. There is nothing wrong if a sellers are using buyer requests to buy a service they need.


and I am receiving round about 400 offers even my services are not related to them


Try to modify your description and tags of gigs according to services you are offering. I think I’ll help you.


how?? I tried my best but nothing happened


What show do you sell?


graphic designing( invitation cards, CV/resumes ) data entry services,Pdf conversion


hi sarena
my some friends work on fiver they found some issues like you.
in the very beginning of their work for some month orders are very difficult to get but once you got a clint like long turm work needer related to graphic industry your problem will be solve that day and you should try until you get that opportunity.

Keep it up
but this is not full time job this is a part time job until you find regular clients or large amount of clients
When success than you make it full time this is a suggestion and experience


yes you are right but the problem is that I was getting orders but normally even I got 2 positive reviews but after this, it has been 14 days I am getting any order I don’t know what happened


My friend the one thing I can tell you is do work hard and spend lots of time on fiverr.
And the best to get orders is always send buyer requests and requests buyers very conveniently.



I feel your Gig images needs more improvement … it should be more attractive. Also get the maximum use of the Gig gallary as you can upload 3 images and 2 PDF, coz people will understand about your quality of the work only from the Gig Gallery. Also use price package … other wise you will get only 5$ orders.

The video of the Data Entry gig seems good but the Main image should be more meaningful for make people to click and view it.

The Vectors on your Card Design Gig, most people knows those are from free vector pages. Make something new for the Main page and for the Cartoon Character Gig, place vector image with more colorful as something like your Profile image, if you only doing pencil sketch then the Title and Key Tags should be changed.

Also concentrate on key tags … its very important to earn impressions.

After all this fullfilled … again do some marketing… definitely you will get orders. Your profile is only 1 month old, 2 orders for now is satisfactory level, actually it will take time to stand out … continue your marketing and do your best once you received any orders, this will make you Stand out soon.


I market my gigs every day.
You just need a source of traffic that converts sales