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No order almost 15 days!

I am a new seller on Fiverr. I got some orders in a regular interval. But it is more than 15 days, I am not getting any orders even any messages. Please provide your valuable advice which may be helpful for building up my Fiverr Carrier. Thanks a lot for your valuable time.


Did you try changing the tags?

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No, I did not change anything!

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I think this happens just after the “boost” fiver gives you when you are a new seller.
It’s like a kid riding a bike for the first time. Once you pedal a little bit, they let got and you may lose a little push but, in no time, you are riding on your own.
You’ll see a bunch of messages and orders placed soon.
It’s normal to have ups and downs in you selling experience, but as ishaqahmad69 said: try changing tags, improving your SEO title and your Gig title and have a little more patience.


I just finished my first gig after being live, updating tags, etc. for close to a month. Here’s hoping something changes!

Thank you so much for your kind information!

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I’m sad about your situation. even for me it’s not going good :frowning:

This is why it is incredibly important to learn how to market on other platforms. Social media, forums that you frequent, it is important for all business to have traffic coming from more than just one source. Starting a blog works perfectly, imo


is correct I think it’s good to make traffic and attract customers to you in fiverr,

It would best to learn how to master advertising on one maybe two the most.

15 days ONLY !!
There are stories on fiverr; e.g. sellers who were at the top of there games and suddenly something changed and got dropped out completely.
The only remedy to your issue is to do adverts.
Don’t rely solely on fiverr; create your own brand …

It’s a simple rule of supply and demand.

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I agree with this. My username here is no accident and is becoming well known on the web. :slight_smile:

I see a few site accounts created by you (with that username), but no articles, interviews, commentary, critic reviews, or social acclaim. Perhaps your notoriety is still local?

Either way, good luck as you continue to build your brand. Getting out there is the first step in getting known. The next is perseverance, and determination. The more of that you have, and the more people you befriend along the way, the more easily “becoming well known” will be.

Thank you man. I really appreciate your motivational words and promotional advice. :+1::+1:

Dear Please Checking your Gig And Gigs Rate Prices Or Then Upload yor gig and your order is recive you coming soon very hurru

Thanks for your kind information. I will try this must.

Thanks for your valuable information.

If you are serious contact me and we might be able to work something out.

I feel you, it’s difficult being a new seller because nobody has faith in you. Going to a new buyer should be an advantage in some cases because the buyer will get their order a lot faster and they will be a high priority to a new seller. if someone were to not be happy with my finished work, I would just give them a 100% refund so the buyer has really nothing to lose.

Thanks for your kind information.