No order almost 2 weeks 3 years experiences seller


its been almost 2 weeks i didnt get any order,i ve got my peak at 2nd years as seller i got more than 100 order a month,but now i dont have any order,i already share it in social media,but it seem no different,anyone do you have experience like this?and how to make your gig work again


Did you do anything before the drop? Changed description, added gig images?


yes i do change description and images to change delivery time information


Are you marketing or promoting your gig anywhere other than “social media”? And is your marketing targeted toward your customers, or just random links to no one in particular?

Random people aren’t going to make your gig a success. Only your customers can do that, and before you find that success, you need to connect to those customers.

Your gigs are a business. You need to treat them as such, or you will likely fail.


just random i think,thank you for sugestion


The Fiverr community has grown quite large over the past couple years. There has been an increase in competition which could contribute to why you’ve lost orders. There may be other sellers offering more than you are. I recommend searching people who have the same gig with a lot of customers and see what they’re offering or what they’re doing differently. How are your ratings? This could also be part of it if they’ve gone down. Try to market outside of Fiverr too.


yes i think thats the reason,a lot other new seller have better gig than me,i think i should learnig some from them,thank you for suggestion


Competition is certainly an issue – as it is with any business. If you want to succeed, you NEED to do your own marketing, and connect to your target customers. Without customers, your gig is nothing – no matter what you do. Customers are key. Go out and find them!


yes i will do,thank you so much for your suggestion


Check if you can find your gig in it’s category. Sometimes when you edit it, it disappears and awaits re-approval. This can take even 48 hours. And sometimes instead of appearing back at it’s original place, it’s on page 15+ or so. That’s the usual explanation to a sudden drop.

If that is the case, try editing the gig every day and see if it fixes it. If not, you can also ask support to take a look into it.


up and down comes in world every business. so you should be patient. Fiverr cannot guarantee number of sales, gig stats or gig positions. If there is a drop in sales, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent.
Fiverr is growing and so number of competitors and competitive gigs.


it’s always good to update gigs, to tune up them with videos representing the service, better looking gig descriptions and everything else that can attract buyers and other unique ones. Additionally, promoting gigs worldwide to attract more visitors and traffic to your gigs is recommended as well.


Your profile shows a bunch of reviews in the past 30 days. So . . . ?


You have nine reviews in the last 30 days, five of which are in the last two weeks. If you haven’t had any orders, how are you getting reviews?


Maybe he is buying some fake reviews


Yeah sorry i think i exaggerate with the title and not count right because desperate this first time the selling rate is low :slight_smile: