No order and buyer request


Anyone tell me, why I have no buyer request.
I don’t get buyer request. And…
I poromot my gig in social media then i don’ get order… I am very upset… anybody suggest me, how get order…
Thanks for read…


Hi Dear, what services are your providing at Fiverr?


Submit your request in morning.


Gig no.1/ web banner design
" 2/image background remove
" 3/ Image resize and retouching

Please check my gig…


You don’t “get” buyers request, you have to send offers to the buyers posting there.


I am a Level 2 seller and facing same issue.


I have the same problem. Why are not my gig sold? please take check my gig



Are you seriously facing this problem?


yes, I am facing it bro



Don’t mean to call you out in a mean way, but are you just posting links to other posts in everyone’s posts? Most of the links you’re posting aren’t even super relevant to the threads you’re posting in…


I am facing same problem. Last one week I don’t have any order and I have no idea, how to solve this issue?