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No order and Can't Bid

No order. :disappointed_relieved:
And I can’t also bid from my account. :disappointed_relieved:
Need someone’s help.

Hi there! Check out the “Tips for Sellers” category on the Fiverr Forum for some tips and info on how to get more orders.

The reason that you can’t leave offers to Buyer Requests is because your overall rating is 3.7 stars. In order to be able to leave offers, you must have a rating of at least 4.7 stars! The only way to increase your rating is by getting more orders and doing well on them.

Also, I noticed that the reason for your 3.7 star rating is due to a 1 star rating you got for not delivering your order on time. I know that sometimes an occasion will come up where you’re unable to deliver your order, but it’s important to have a timely delivery! Maybe try increasing your delivery time if you feel like you’re rushed.

Hope this helps! Thanks!

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