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No order and no buyer request


i m newly arrived on fiverr i spend lot of time in fiverr website
i made 4 gigs for photoshop but i have no order i share my gig on social media
i have 1.4 k impression on my gig but still no order any legend here whom can help me out
i know it’s tough to start selling on fiverr but if you know any trick just tell me so i can get my first order

here my gigs are :-

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Hey Niki, have you tried buyer requests?

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yes, i spend lots of time on req page keep refresh only two time i saw req then nothing happen no buyer request
thanks to reply me

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Ok. So here is a thing. I had spent a lot of time on figuring when does this buyer request window opens and analysed that for my time zone it opens some 3-4 time a day at almost the same time.

So try to find that time period and focus on buyer request in the beginning. Make attractive deals or give complimentary services if you wish to. It’s just the matter of few deals. Once it kicks off, it will be easier to get work.


thank you to consider me i will try
just check out my gig and tell if any problem with my gig
i think my gigs are’t good

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Sure. Share your gig link and I will be happy to have a look


my gigs

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Please use your real picture for the main profile. I can see that you just used an image of flowers. This is not a professionalism. You may can use a logo, It can be your brand logo. But the picture you used that’s not looking trustful to me.

Try to create gig with SEO. I mean create attractive images with offline SEO. It will help you a lot to get the first order. Because, It you optimize your gig, images etc then you will get good impression and clicks.

Hope you will get the success soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you for your advise i changed my main profile can you please check my gig and tell me other issue or not


Try to create more attractive picture with something reality. Make sure you are optimizing your gig and gig’s image and do marketing for your gig.


Hi Niki,
Its just time factor matters. You have joined in Nov’18. Here many of us waits more than 3 months to get first order.
You are in right direction, have patients along with above advice. Very soon you will get first order and share among us.
Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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what do you mean by that i m not getting you can you please describe something what problem in this picture so i an pick new on as you say


haha lol
i m new so i don’t know about that stuffs actually yesterday i thought lets leave fiverr, then i motivated by success story of fiverr videos and keep active on fiverr
thank you for your good wises

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I was talking about gig’s images. It means gig’s thumbnail.


ok i got it should i change my all gigs thumbnail


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