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No order at my gig

Getting no orders even I share my gig at different social media platform. kindly help me about this if anything wrong with my gig

i am also
please help me

Are you sending buyer request daily? You niche is quite well. Web developers are wanted in the market.

I don’t know why you are getting no job.

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ahmed464 send daily buyer request.

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Try to follow this


There is no buyer request only two or three are available .

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check this out…

Keep sharing on social media and send buyer request every day and make some changes in gig title or desc or tags hope you will get order soon


Then you must market your gigs in an exelplery way, 2/3 means you are not marketing your gigs properly

ok Thank you I’ll do it.

Hi there, I’ve tried to get an order. Try to another type of gigs on stable the market under Graphic Design. Pray for me.

If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.

Share much more your Gig on soicial media… I think the very hard site in Linkedin
Contact me for more details

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i am new user and not getting buyer request. plz help

can you help , in my account no buyer request is showing

I am always share my gigs link on social media but didn’t get an order. May be my gigs aren’t fiverr standard for an order. May you suggest or help to improve my gigs.

open the custom offer option in gig analytics it will help you to get more buyer request.

Please how can I open custom offer options in my gigs?

Hope you will get order soon. Keep sharing your gig on social media. Good luck