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No order but happy customer haha

Someone had a buyer request and I responded to it. Next day in contact with him. And after some talking he told he already has the product he was looking for, only he had broken it himself. I told him what to do, and helped him get the product online. Not a real order, but he is happy! Now looking for my first real order :slight_smile:

Was this a stupid move?


Do whatever for your Satisfaction.:laughing:

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Take care with giving away the ship before getting an order. While it would be lovely to think this person will remember and come back to you…

In 20 years on the internet this has essentially never happened for me. People see I will help and will come get things free but if I ask for their business they say, oh no I could never afford that. Or how dare you as we are friends - what I never came to your birthday or kissed you sister? Yet these very same people will go buy from someone else, even for more than I would charge.

Then get this, when it goes wrong (as I warned) they come back for more free advice on how to fix their mess.

So take great care in being the helpful guy as people will brand you as that instead of being the great value guy.


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