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No order but still happy

hi its me maria after 2 months i have not any order but still hapyy…daily comes to here read some topics some suggestion some views and some gossip…


It is always lovely to see positivity, Maria! You deserve some work and I really hope it shows up for you very soon. Thank you for your happy message today, I certainly enjoyed it.


Gossip? I didn’t know the Fiverr forum had such a subcategory of discussion. :grin:

If you are talking about drama, then yes, the forum indeed does have the occasional thread full of insults, bickering, sob stories, or self destructive grudges.


In my view gossip is a discussion with some joy and does not means to be a drama or sob stories…just enjoying every one’s experience in these discussions…

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thankyou so much anniejenkinson

i am still happy with fiverr forum …

That is a far more positive view and definition of gossip than is customary! There are indeed many people who love to hear and share gossip, so I can see where you are coming from.

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Forum staff, where you at? We need a gossip sub :joy:


yes we need…where we can enjoy because every one’s here facing some difficulties so for relax we need some gossip lol…