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NO order...but still, I have no order..tell me reason check my gigs and point out what mistake there

I am using Fiverr last 6 months but still, I have no order…tell me reason check my gigs and point out what mistake there

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@syedsibtyhasan1 You need to make sure that your gigs are set up properly. You can check out how to do so here: Create Gigs With SEO So That Buyers Can Find You

You also need to be checking Buyer Requests daily and more than once for the day. Promote your gigs on social media and in other forums. The more people that know about your services, the better. All the best!


First i will suggest you to research on your gig means look at the top rated seller and check their gig title and tags etc,
and get some idea from them and optimize your gig like them mostly all the tags are same,
and then send daily buyer request …
and also share your gig on social network and join some group that is related to Fiverr and your niche and share your gig with them,

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The “I will design attractive powerpoint presentation for you” gig

In the gig image “satisfaction” is spelt incorrectly.

Check the “about this gig” section for the gig, eg. missing spaces “presentationthat”. Spelling (“ts time to shine”).

“Why Chose Me” - the “chose” should be “choose”.

Maybe reword “I will do satisfied work”.

The “I will be your virtual assistant for data entry” gig

Maybe change/reword “i guarantee you I will do satisfied work for you”. eg. use capital letter for the word “I”.
The gig title makes it seem like the virtual assistant gig is just for data entry - maybe change the title so it’s not just for data entry (eg. so it can be for anything in the list of tasks you specify in the description).

The “I will do awesome photoshop editing in 10 hrs” gig

You could show more example images of the photoshop editing you do. Check the aspect ratio of the example photoshoped image.

The “I will convert PDF to word and word to pdf” gig

Maybe don’t call the buyers “dear”.
Check spelling/grammar in the description (“Decuments”, “Its” etc.).

The “I will make extremely impressive and unique photo collage” gig

Because of the length of the title, the word “collage” doesn’t get shown in searches/on the profile, even though that’s one of the most important words in the gig. Maybe change the title so “Photo Collage” can be seen in the search.

You could show more example images of your collages.

Maybe remove the word “dear” from the “about this gig” section. Check spelling/grammar (eg. “Its”, “i”).


You should charge for this. :slight_smile:


thanx a lot my friend

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thanx alot my friend

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I am also new seller… check my gigs and point out what mistake is there???

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Hi, lovely people!
since I register on fiverr I still have have no order despite that am checking my account several times a day. please check my Gig and tell me whats wrong or what might be missing or need to be improve.

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good advice. need to work with it