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No order but this traffic, is it okay?


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Is that for 30 days, 7 days or how long?


By default its 30 days so I guess it is 30 days data.

If you are fairly new or have not had many sales it’s ok. For me it would not be good, but some of my gigs are similar in their statistics for some reason, but I have been here successfully selling for almost five years. So you really cannot compare it to others statistics.

You should have at least a few sales every month with those statistics.

So far looks good. I Think you will get new order soon:smiley:

To me is okay for i have a similar traffic keep looking for orders to come…lol

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The traffic is ok but what is wrong is that there are no sales.


3 weeks, I start working from 3 weeks ago.

Yes there is no sale.

Too many people get hooked on impressions. I have a gig that gets thousands of impressions and a reasonable order rate, while another has a low impression and more than half of those turn into sales. It depends on your category, competition, niche, keywords, sales script, etc.

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