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No order come how to get order please help

please how to get order 2 manth go in no order come please help

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Try to make your services more eye catching and check the grammar and spelling in your gigs.

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wpcoreley02 hit on two very key points. Those issues stand out immediately. Also, if you’re able to create professional gig videos, that would also assist you with your services.

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I hope you realize that this is called “Spam.”

I looked at your gigs. One word: "wapsite."
That’s a huge red flag there.
Be sure to offer services that you are skilled with, and have someone
edit your gigs.

You need to sell out through facebook groups and twitter. It worked for me. And I still have orders to date.

I encourage 500 backlinks per day into my gigs.
It worked.
Good luck

how and where to put back links?

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A good way to boost sales permanently is to open a blog or other similar site where you post the best reviews, discuss your gigs in further details and with larger samples. Then place links to your gigs on Fiverr.

Then all you need to do is marketing to get he blog more popular. If you can update it regularly, then it’s incredibly useful to rank it better in search engines in particular to drive crazy amounts of search traffic to it, pretty much permanently. That you can do simply by getting tons of traffic and SEO in general.


I did a promotion on facebook groubs and generate some sales for me personally

I agree with your opinion