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No order comes from 5 weeks

I am member from 2 months on fiverr.I remain mostly online.but no order my first order comes


1.send buyer request
2.improve your gig
3.Marketing your gig in social media


I am doing all these things but no order comes

keep patience and keep trying. :heartbeat:

but please give me tips of finding clients

There is no quick way to get orders!

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! to help you on your way.

In one of your gig images you have “bussiness card” instead of “business card”.

This is a careless error as it is correct in your gig title.

You also have " “gurantee” instead of “guarantee” in another image.

Suggest you carefully check all of your gigs for spelling errors as mistakes will definitely put buyers off.

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