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No order for 2 weeks

I’ve been doing well in all my gigs delivery and rating over the last 12 months but still don’t receive orders. Even when I respond to buyer request I still don’t get response despite be fast in sending buyer’s request. Please I need some advise. I deliver quality service for my clients.

contact your buyers.
or make unique gigs.
share your gigs on social media.

Please don’t - your messages may be marked as spam. :sunny:


the best point i can suggest

Edit your gig, renew them with new title tags & gig images, you can use any good designer to make a catchy image for your gigs it really help making sale, try you explain your service on gig image, because moistly buyers just order by reading gig default title name or image text.

promote it on active social media group :slight_smile:

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The market can be fluid. Maybe what you’re selling is low demand atm, or maybe new sellers are offering more competitive gigs in the same field. You need to adjust!

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gigs marketing is the best way …
try it best way and increase your sell


offering low is nothing bad but, it really lower your value as if once you did a job in low price, that client will never, pay reasonable price for any of your job as he will think that this is the good price he is paying, so always instead of lowering price of your service, explain them the extra benefits of your service & assure them to deliver quality result, & then not only just assure them, but also delivery them quality output :slight_smile:

Leave a like if this helps

Yes, this is a very good tip! I do this every so often.

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Good & for sure that will lead to more revenue then regular :slight_smile:

Did you reply to me on purpose? Because what you said had nothing to do with what I said…

I was not know.

Thank you bro…Will you be willing to give me some insights please. I’ve tried some but still not working