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No Order for a long time, Please help


I am really sad and worried. I have got no orders for last 2 weeks. I depend on Fiverr earning a lot, how can I increase sells, or how can I get a spot on the top of my own sub category?


What are you selling? That depends on if people will buy it or not. Fiverr is an exact replica of the global economy. You have to find your “niche group” and sell them until the earnings model is extinct!


What your gigs type? if you are offering seo, try to promote your gigs on many marketing forums.



UM…maybe its because your profile photo is disgusting and offensive to women??

You have a picture of an undressed & beat up woman in your profile.

Also one of your services in writing someone’s message in raw meat?? Gross… this downgrades the value of your other services and makes a buyer think “this is not a professional person”…

As a professional business person this would really turn me off from buying from you. You claim to be a media manager in an ad agency so you should know better.


Like az9999 said, I’d attempt to run your Fiverr business as professionally as possible and promote it like crazy. Get some social media action going with the like/tweet buttons on your gigs and your visibility will surely increase soon.