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No order for a long time

How can i get order as early as possible

You gain orders by reaching out to your target customers, showing them how you can solve their problems, and then convincing them to hire you. There are no shortcuts to success. You will gain orders when you take responsibility for your own success. How fast that happens, depends upon how good you are at managing your gigs.

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Thank you so much @jonbaas

You’re welcome. Although, all I did was share a little common sense.

Hello, I’m Vincent. I created my account on May 2019, completed all the requirement for level one and was given my badge in August with over 70 positive reviews. Listed below are what helped my account get so much sales in a short period:

Professional Profile: Make your profile look as professional as possible by writing great profile and gig description. Every buyer wants to get the best out of their money so they go for a seller that seems like he knows what he’s doing. Use a professional profile picture - trust me, it goes a long way.

Optimize Your Gig: Do an SEO optimization on your gig by using keywords related to the services you are offering. To do this, just think of what buyer are most likely to search for search to get a particular service.

Offer A Good Deal: You can get more sale by offering great deals. As a new seller with little review, you need to offer more for less to get more sales.

Stay Online: That’s just it. Stay online as much as you can… 24/7 if possible. Buyers want seller that are alway active, respond fast and communicate well.

Get Good Reviews: Try as much as possible to do an excellent job. The more 5 stars you get, the higher you rank.

I hope this helps.