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No order for a week

Think Fiverr want to give everyone a chance. That’s why new sellers are at the top of search results. Seems to be a new policy.


I would honestly agree with that IF the search results would actually be rotated like CS always claims, but the top first rows always have the same gigs all the time, no gig rotation noticed whatsoever.


Interesting. . . .

I never paid attention to that.

Although, I am loyal to my favorite sellers, I’m always hunting for others. I will never know when someone goes on vacation, or get swamped.

The favorite folder is by far one if the best features on 5r. I have it segregated into several sections from ebook covers, to illustrators, to translators, on and on.

I :sparkling_heart: sellers from forum all the time. I’ve hired quite a few. :grin:


Can understand why you do that. You get some idea of the seller’s personality.


Just looking at your seller profile, I think I can see a few reasons why.

  1. You’re a new seller offering writing and editing services specifically for resumes. Writing and editing are already a very crowded category on Fiverr, and while there’s surely demand for resume services, that’s a niche that limits you. If you’re going to offer a niche service, then you’ve got to be really good at it…

  2. … which is my next critique: if you’re a professional at writing and editing, then all written text on your seller profile had better be absolutely perfect. Just reading your seller profile reveals weaknesses in your writing.

I’m Thomas. I am a graphics designer with a MBA.

Why use a contraction in your first sentence and not in the second sentence? Reading this as a native English speaker, it strikes me as weird. Also, why write ‘With a MBA’ instead of “with an MBA?” People will read it in their head, and again - to a native English speaker - that just doens’t sound right.

I have 8+ years of experience in assisting.

In assisting what? Again, as a native English speaker, this just sounds really weird. Even if you added something after ‘assisting,’ it really doesn’t sound like something a native English speaker would say.

An expert in designing RESUME/CV’s , COVER LETTER writing and also PROOFREADING and EDIT writings.

This is just clunky. What in the world is happening here? Are you describing who you are as a skilled professional, or are you stuffing your seller profile with key words? Another dead give-away that you’re either not as good as you say you are or that you just don’t have a strong command of the English language is you use of the word ‘writings.’ This word is almost never used in the plural in English. Your buyers may not have majored in English at college, but I promise you they’re picking up on the inconsistencies.

My study in graphics and my love for the art of words has made me have influence on professional’s career.

As with the other examples given - what is this? This sentence sounds like broken English to native ears, and if you write, proofread, and edit resumes, CVs, and other writing as well as you wrote your own seller profile, this is the reason why you’re not getting orders. Your writing is NOT as good as you say it is and your buyers know it.


I’m a Fiverr Noob and it’s really weird that I haven’t had a client message me or order in around 6 days :confused:


Yup - same search results everyday. All day :wink:


same here for a week


They could have deleted on their own possibly.


Who knows


I ran out of likes.


The image of her is definitely a fake image and not her.

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Everything happened so quickly: her message edited, her fiverr account gone, several long forum posts removed entirely… should we be afraid now?


Super strange.

I’m not sure, I was a little late to the post and only saw one of her messages.

mystical workings? :fearful:


Definitely not mystical… feels like the mods are here to clean the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay - I mean, I am fine with that! What were the posts about then?

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One of them was that one with “cancel, cancel this, cancel that” lol haha, the other one I forgot already

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Same problem here.

My best 3 months on fiver were JAN, FEB and MAR 2017 over almost 3 years here as seller. Then starting April, my sales hugely dropped.

I dont know if it’s related with these high prices new arrival gigs, which are taking places in the front pages of ANY keyword search. The only place these new arrival gigs with high prices are not being shown are in the NEW ARRIVAL gigs. Strange?

If you think there is nothing to do, then take one gig of yours (which are not in the firs page of a searches) and change it’s price over $30, wait 15-30 min till it refresh, and search it again, using the same keyword you used before. Mine gone from 13th page to the very first.

I dont know what fiverr want to get with this, but I’m presuming this is related with this anormal drop on sales for a lot of users, starting this month.

Know I’m talking about keyword searches, not browsing it by the categories menu.


I guess that’s why? I’ve never seen the inner workings happening in real time.


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Not removed - without 1


Hi Thomas, due to the poor grammar and use of words like someone for whom English is not their native language, people think you are not entirely truthful in your profile or gig descriptions.