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No Order for almost 3 weeks!

So, I am a musician with 3 gigs and have complete all the checkmarks for level 1 seller except for the money, which I am at 250.
Before I would get an order every other day but I haven’t got any orders!!
Of course, nearly all my orders are through Buyer Requests but not even they have come through.
Lately, my impressions and clicks have been low and I don’t know what to do. I saw an article saying Fiverr removed old gigs from the front page and moved newer ones forward so I edited my gigs slightly. NO CHANGE.
I am really scared that I won’t get another order. Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Mahiee

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Yes gigs are continuously rotating, try to be more online , send buyer requests everyday

These articles may help you .

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I’m pretty certain Music & Audio is going through gig rotation or some kind of shift, they’ve started adding more Metadata options and Subcategories as well as separating different aspects of recording, editing, composition, mixing, mastering, audio engineering, sound design, etc. Most of it has been split or had more categories added it to them.

Whilst in your case these things may not be affecting you depending on your gig, it would be worth going through your tags as well as the category you’re placed in, as well as taking a look at the ones that have been added to make sure that you’re in the right place, for example, they tried moving me from Producers & Composers to Beatmakers, and they’ve done similar things for other friends of mine in Audio. Good luck!

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