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No Order for many days!

Hi, I have created a gig about 2 years ago and get around 150 order and then for some reason i was out of work. Now i have started working again. The problem is, i am not getting order now a days. i have edited that gig, Is it a problem that i have edited my gig (for not getting order!), Please suggest how can i get work again!!


You could check if all your gigs are in the search engine. Since you’re level 2 you could also see if additional gigs (which might have less competition) might increase orders.

I find my gigs in search in 6-10 page. how can i get good ranking?

I don’t know the best way. You could do a search of the forum for ranking suggestions as there has been threads about those.

You could check this if it helps:

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Can i edit my gig now? If i edit my gig it hamper my gig ranking?

If you edit the gig description it will go to gig moderation. I think it might get removed from the search engine until it’s been past moderation (though I could be wrong about that). It may affect gig ranking (once it’s back in the search index if it gets briefly removed) but it might improve ranking above what it was previously (thought there’s no certainty that it might, and it might also cause it to reduce in ranking, it will depend, eg. on what changes are made).

Thank you for your information.