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No order for my gigs yet, and my views is reducing

No order yet and my view is reducing, please any possible solution


You could check your gigs to see if there is anything that could be improved. Check for any spelling issues etc. or create other gigs if you think that would help. Check you’re using the best tags in all gigs.


Please how will I know the best tag for my gigs

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The gig descriptions are probably just as important or more than the tags, as well as the profile description. Once a potential buyer is viewing your gig that will be a big factor in whether they decide to purchase the gig.

I only see gig tags on one of your two gigs and on the gig that it shows them in it only shows 3 tags so you could add a couple more for that gig.


Please can u help me suggest some other tags I can use for it

Just check the profile of higher sellers in your gig category, use the tags they are using…


My gig is on first page, still I very less views and eventually no queries or orders

so do i my brother my gig no order

Hello and welcome here. The first order is the hardest part. Keep promote your links and also read my topic here for new sellers

10 Tips for super gigs

Good luck
Maria S.


You have to wait and keep patience. Share you gigs on social:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: platform regularly and don’t forget to send buyer request…If you send proper request then your order will come very soon…Just wait and follow


best of luck broh…i hope u will get lots of succes in future