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NO order for my previous gig then I delete and create new one ,

NO order for my previous gig then I delete and create a new one, so it is good or bad BUT important thing is I cannot found any error in my previous gig


Same problem i face.


Errors are only one thing that prevent sales. It’s really important that you understand that. Don’t just look at your gig. Look at others’ and look at what your clientele want and need. It’s not about you. It’s about buyers.

Competition and demand are much bigger factors. There are thousands of logo gigs in Fiverr and at least hundreds of gigs selling most of the other services you offer. Deleting a gig and opening a new one doesn’t make you more prominent among thousands of competitors or more likely to sell.

Also, your Profile says you are fluent in English but in looking through your Profile and your posts here, that isn’t really a believable statement. You have a lot of grammar errors in your Profile and gigs. People fluent in English don’t say: “I am expertise.” It puts buyers off if you say one thing but demonstrate another.


Totally gonna say the same. The seller has no doubt that he did any mistake and I think this is the mistake we all do. We see our gigs so perfect that we go blind towards mistakes.


Well said. No business grows by only looking internally and not accepting the role they play in their success. We all need to think critically about ourselves and look at things from a buyer perspective.


you could edit your older gig. it is always gd choice than create a new gig


Great! Thank you mam