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Promote your gig in social media


You have only one review, a 1 star review from a buyer who complains about pretty much everything, from bad communication, through poor quality of the delivered product, to the fact that he only received the product when he wanted to cancel.

On top of that, you’re using a gig image that you didn’t create (but offer design), a Flixpress video that you might not have the permission to use for your gig or sell to others, and there are other problems, as well.

At this point, the best solution might be to get the permission from Customer Support to close this account and open a new one. If you get that permission, try offering only services that you have the right to offer, and something that you can do well.


On top of what @catwriter has said, a quick check of the text in your Logo Gig description shows it’s been copied from someone else’s profile. Literally a straight copy/paste of someone else’s work.

I think you need to honestly ask yourself if you’ve got what it takes to make a success here at Fiverr. It’s not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme… buyers are going to expect professionalism, and right now your profile has so many red flags, it’s really no wonder buyers are staying away.