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No Order From December

Hi there! I haven’t received any order from December though I send buyer request regularly.
Can I send my portfolio Link in my buyer request? Please Help me and tell me where I should improve my gig! Here is my gig links


Is your gig in the first five rows of the search results ? If not , try to keep your gig in the first page.


Thanks :+1: :+1: :+1:

Your gig looks absolutely amazing. The problem is not with your gig, but problem is that logo designing and business card design are the two catergories which are very saturated with sellers. So, I would suggest you to advertise your gigs with your family & friends, share them in social media, communities, reddit, youtube(if you have a channel). By advertising, you will increase your CLICK THROUGH RATE(CTR) which will help to rank your gig higher in the search results and hence it will attract more buyers


Thanks, I am already promoting my Gig at different platforms.

I facing same problem But I completed 2 order in 2 months.

Can you tell me what is the best platform for gig promoting?