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No order from Last 7-13 days

Hello Freelancers. Hope you guys are doing well in this Pandemic situation.

Actually, I am a graphic designer in this marketplace. some days ago I am able to get new order every day. but from some days I don’t have any active order or something. I need some more USD for going level one. I am very frustrated about it. I attached my Gig position. please check.

why I am seeing this problem? my profile link-----> Profile


Short answer: more competition.

Long answer: Current state of things, Frank's POV


There are so many cheap labour on this site so no job offers are norm.


Thanks for sharing your opinion

Thank you so much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Tamim,
All the routine matters have been disturbed because of pandemic. Those who were having regular orders are sitting idle for not catching any work statement from any client. Just we have to make a great struggle together, so we may all keep ourselves safe from the after effects of the pandemic.
Keep promoting your gigs on social media platforms, keep sending offers to the buyer requests regularly and you will get orders soon.

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Haven’t you made like 3 threads about this for the past 2-3 days?

I don’t know much about your field but the gig image looks the same compared to every other designer, maybe trying new things could help, but it seems like you’re overthinking it.

You should remove unlimited revisions though, that’s just my opinion as a seller.

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Thanks dear, actually i don’t have any social media where i can share my gig. everydays i send buyer request but i didn’t get any response from there :slight_smile: i am hopeless now.

my wish was i will go to the Level one seller in this evaluation. but i think i can not go in there :slight_smile:

Thank You So Much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

why do you have 2 gigs for the same thing ? (church logos)


For getting More order

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I was actually asking myself the same thing. Is it even allowed to have 2 identical gigs in the same category? :thinking:


i don’t know. i use that 2 gig from last 4 month

It doesn’t seem to me like you’re getting more orders like that… More importantly, I’m fairly certain that you’re not actually allowed to have 2 identical gigs in the same category, and you could get in trouble for it.

I’m not sure what the rules regarding having the same gig but registered in different categories is.

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