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No order from long time

2 weeks ago I’ve got the Level 2 badge.But after that, I’ve not got any order from the client even though continuously I am sending the buyer request.Could you help me guys about my problem.And also could you help me about the buyer request patterns? You guys all are awesome and friendly as far I see.That’s why I ask you :slight_smile: . (Note: I am from Graphic Design sector)

Thank you, guys.

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i am facing same problem also but you can update your gig’s


Really sorry to hear that. I do hope it picks up for you!!

i also have same issue :wink:

It’s always good to know that someone isn’t alone!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo order yes oooooooooo

it seems there are many ways to “game” the sytem. I suspect many are catching onto that and leaving legit sellers behind. Just a hunch.

It happens, just keep sending proposals and sharing your gigs on social media… It always picks back up:sunglasses: