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NO order from too long period now

Hi, it’s now my thirt month for me on fiverr, but no roder for me. I have changed my first gig, change descripion, tags, pictures, share on Linkedin but no order. My first gig haven the link in french, but with this, impressions, views and clics gone up, and no order.

Now is one month i created a new version of my last gig, ameliorate my packages, and the link is now in english and from this times, impressions, views and clics are not full, and like from my registration, no order for me.
What can i do?? I need orders for my school and my son!!


English is an International language. If you create your gig in English then I think you have done it right. In addition, you can change tags of your gig and not only LinkedIn, also Twitter, Pinterest , you can share your gig with your work portfolio. I think these process will help you. Best of luck :+1:


Same as me, I am not getting any order.


Same, I also not getting order :frowning:

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