No order get...but why?


How can I get an order because I am using Fiverr last 6 months but still no order …Will you tell me what can I do because I need money I am student And I want to earn money for further studies…


ypu can send buyer request daily.and prompote your gig in socail media


Watch You Tube videos on how to promote your business and use those tactics for your Fiverr business. Send buyer request address the buyer needs in your request, you will get your order soon. Wish you all the best.


Well there is a lot of competition now a days on fiverr so you have to work hard to get success.

I have created some thread long ago for the newbies. hope this will help you

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You could get a job. At this rate, that might be a better way for you to earn some money for school. It just doesn’t seem like you are ready to be a serious seller here on Fiverr. Fiverr is a LOT of work, requires a great deal of patience, and will not be an immediate source of substantial cash flow.

Please be realistic about your expectations. Fiverr is not a bank.


This is going to sound harsh, but from a buyer’s point of view,
here’s why:
You offer a design gig yet I see no designs.

Have you checked other successful sellers offering design gigs?
They usually have stunning sample images.

Also you have a gig where you promote business to other people,
yet you are not being able to promote your own successfully.
That’s saying a lot.

At this point relying on Fiverr as extra income on the side does not look like the
best option for you.


Thanx a lot for giving me informative material…


Thanx a lot for giving me informative material…


Thanx a lot for giving me informative material dear