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No order,how can i get a only one order



you started business on fiverr to get only one order?? :smile:


Be patience and keep on trying that is the main moto.


try bid on buyer request hope you will get success


be patient i would like 10 in the same time hhhh


Don’t worry. Keep trying more and more. Trying to active in online 24 hours.


Thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I think visitors not enough for tour gigs. Try to lead more visitors for your gigs through social media etc.


Pleasure sister & best of luck


Don’t worry and don’t panic
Success will always come late…


same here, i also don’t get any order :frowning:


change the gig photos and write more description.hope that will help you.


Let’s talk about the first gig (data analysis) which has got plenty of impressions, views and clicks. So the buyers are landing to your gig but aren’t clicking the order button.
There maybe many reasons for that:

  • Your price is high or too low - try changing the price and also delivery time
  • The gig description isn’t creating the desire in the buyer’s mind to order it - try changing gig description
  • Include FAQ so the service you’re providing is clear
  • The portfolio image or the video isn’t good - then try changing them too.

Try the above points, hope you’ll get your first order soon. Also don’t change the gig too frequently, take a pen & paper, note down all the changes you are willing to do, plan and execute.

And also try to figure out why your competitors are getting the clients & you aren’t. :slightly_smiling_face: wish you best of luck.