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No order,i am frustrated


I am a mascot designer.I am new in Fiverr, I completed only one order with five stars and then I took break minimum 25 days in case of my final examination.Now previous 1 week I really work hard to get the order but I am failed.I don’t know why.please give me some tips or suggestion how can I get the order and how can I rank my gig.
Thank you


HI there,
First, use your own work on the gig thumbnail/examples. I googled the pics you provided as examples of your work, and I found that pic all over the internet!
So be honest and provide examples from your own work so people can believe you :slight_smile:
Good luck


you said all of the gig pictures you saw on the internet.For your kind information this all work is mine.i uploaded them to my Behance and Instagram account.for this, you find them on the internet.I am really honest about my work.I didn’t copy them from can see my personal logo in all of my personal work.
Thank you


Oh that is good :slight_smile:
Here you go then, maybe you need to design/upload unique designs on your fiverr page! Don’t repeat the same designs all over the web, otherwise people (like me) will think you are just copying other people’s work :smiley:

IF that is really your work, I am interested in working with you :wink:
I will send message you on fiverr to discuss it more.

Another advice, your packages are confusing :sa:
Try to provide more details describing each package rather than saying “normal detailing, good detailing and shading, good detailing ,shading and exceptional concept”



ok, thank you so much for your valuable advice:grinning: