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No order,i am really frustrated


I am a mascot designer.I am new in Fiverr, I completed only one order with five stars and then I took break minimum 25 days in case of my final examination.Now previous 1 week I really work hard to get the order but I am failed.I don’t know why.please give me some suggestion how can I get the order and how can I rank my gig.Thank you


First of all don’t think you’ve failed yet,It could be a delay in your success
There are several ways to rank higher in search category, I’m afraid you cannot get Best Selling or Recommended position right now but you surely can top in new sellers if you use some of the basic tips

-Share your gig with proper communication indeed
-Make your gig maybe more presentable and original
-Being a Logo designer i know how to get a lot of traffic so you might wanna go for other sites and pin or contribute your designs so people who love it might wanna go ahead and want a custom design, Putting on there your profile link can help you generate more organic and real traffic
-Never ever hire SEO on fiverr they would probably kill your gig once n for all
-Have some faith and be patient


I am also frustrated and dishearten to not get an order :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


That’s a bit harsh on a large group of Fiverr sellers - I know a few excellent SEO specialists on here.


Hiring SEO on fiverr is meaningless because i have tried this he was a TOP RATED SELLER who provided me with nice organic traffic for 30 days i paid $25 in 2015 for a month, I was receiving views NOT IMPRESSIONS only views, Later 30 days my gig was down to 0, Fiverr has bots and they know what you are trying to do,NO SEO on fiverr can give you impressions they can give you VIEWS by sending a lot of traffic to your gig, If they are promising you to promote instead they wouldn’t be doing what they are supposed to do


So you’re basing your judgement on one SEO experience? It’s a pity it didn’t work out for you, but I’m sure there are other SEO specialists on Fiverr who may have got your better results.

Good luck! :sunny:


Not interested in buying Traffic for my gig
SEO is a big name for small minds they don’t know they are buying TRAFFIC only like they do it for websites, Thats ok because on a website you act on your own individual accord not on fiverr because fiverr has its own algorithm


I’m confused - You say you bought an SEO gig but what you got was traffic. Can you clarify which it was so I can be clear about which group of thousands of sellers you are labeling based on your one experience.

Ordering traffic to your gig is an odd thing to do as it will be next to impossible to target it towards people who want to buy your service.
SEO on your gig would entail working on your gig descriptions, tags and probably links to the gig etc. not just sending traffic from pop up ads or bot traffic to it.

Now I am more confused, are you insulting yourself here?


You are very confused sir
A writer would write a description not SEO big head and i have seen gigs ranking higher with 3 keywords only its not about description or keyword a SEO is someone who optimize websites and work on algorithms to make sites load faster,to perform better there is a huge difference between a gig and a whole coded website, Putting description on someone’s profile and adding keywords to it is not the only job of SEO, Damn guys like you should not be allowed on internet after certain hours :smiley:


Wow, thanks for the education on SEO!
I will take your advice and apply it to my service - The most reviewed SEO consultancy gig on Fiverr…

Writing makes up a huge part of good SEO work in 2017. In fact, Writing is largely responsible for 5 direct and 9 indirect factors of the top 17 MOST IMPORTANT SEO FACTORS as measured by SEMRush a couple of months ago. So although my head is less than average size, writing makes up a huge amount of my work for clients.

Good man - you put a smiley face after it so it’s a joke and can’t be flagged as an insult.
Let’s remember which of us bought traffic to try boost gig sales before throwing out veiled insults, shall we? :slight_smile: (note the smiley so it is ok)

Anyway, lets not get too far off topic, it sounds like someone mis-sold something to you or you misunderstood the service. Either way, no need to label all SEO sellers negatively. I once saw someone who sold a copied logo - that doesn’t entitle me to say you and every other logo seller does the same (nor would I want to as that would make me look ridiculous).


Fair enough.
If being wrong is what you do for fun, you probably have a lot more fun than I do. Lucky you. :slight_smile: (note the smiley again)


Hehe look man that was a joke only
I am not saying that SEO are not capable enough on fiverr, Infact if you look closely to my reply i said that SEO that i hired did a good job he did exactly what he said but didn’t work as expected so you might dont wanna play around with your gig, Because you are senior seller you might know that purchasing fake traffic is not allowed on fiverr,can get your gig suspended if found receiving traffic, You never know what SEO is doing on your gig since there is only 1 MAJOR thing to do is to get traffic i hope i gave some light


You should request a refund from charm school. It didn’t work. Please leave the adults alone, we’re about to have coffee and cake. You need to go to bed.


Ha ha very funny… :unamused:
I’m not even getting into the SEO discussion because the way you use it in a sentence it seems you don’t even know what it stands for let alone what it means.


It’s funny the way a smiley can connote a distinct “Go F yourself” vibe. Nicely done.


You better don’t SEO yourself first :expressionless:


No, that is an “L”, not an “F” Mike!

[quote=“eoinfinnegan, post:12, topic:208352”]
Lucky you


You have a great sense of humour at this age :grinning:


I have to say though, I’ve been in the forum for a while and I’ve seen and read a lot of things, but dang…this dude has quite the childish behavior, I must say.
I guess he can’t tell the difference between smart/cynical and plain immature.
Just my personal opinion.

BTW Mike, does the coffee come with rum inside?
You know, that’s how adults enjoy their coffee :wink:


You bet, rum for you, Bailey’s, Kahlua or for @eoinfinnegan a splash of Jamison’s. We have it all. What we don’t have, I mix in the kitchen sink.