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No Order I Have?

how to promote my gig on fiverr. I have 3 gigs but why Buyers Not give me a Gig.

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here i also facing this problem

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Buyers are not supposed to give you gigs.
All they can do is to order from you.

What are you doing to convince them to buy from you?


agree with you
You have to convince them,also have to deliver proper solution for buyers requirements .Have to believe buyers that you are the right one for his job.:wink:

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Buyers can put order on your gig. Make your gig eye catching with good description about your work. You can visit the gigs of some good buyers and compare with them. I am sure you will find a solution.

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It says you have 7 years of experience, and you are using, of all things,
the FIVERR LOGO as one of your sample image??

If your reaction to this question is “What’s wrong with that?” you have a long way to go I’m afraid.

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convince them to buy your gigs with 10 bids daily

i also facing this problem